Who We Are

Sarah Turner

Certified Athletic Trainer

I have been a Certified Athletic Trainer for almost 10 years, spending three years at Lawrenceville and Red Hill high schools and I am now in my fifth year at Fairfield Community High School and Frontier Community College.  

I graduated from SIU in 2012 at almost 300 pounds on my 5’3″ frame.  I had a couple incidents during my job that I could tell my weight was causing a lot of issues.  I have lost approximately 75 pounds since 2012 and have dabbled in some not so good things and then better things, and still trying to find a good balance of things. We are human, I seek consistency and not perfection. 

Brian Turner

I have lifted weights and trained competitively for more than 25 years now, beginning with competitive powerlifting in high school, something I still do to this day. I have competed in powerlifting, Olympic lifting and CrossFit competitions over the years. I am also a Strongman certified coach and have been a group fitness coach in the past as well.

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