MovelevATe Challenge

We did the workout challenge a couple months back. It is now time to address a challenge that focuses not on complete compliance for a short amount of time, but hopefully lifelong habits. This “challenge” is actually pretty similar to how I set up my own tracking. It addresses diet, workouts, daily walking, mobility, etc.Continue reading “MovelevATe Challenge”

The Pandemic Before The Pandemic

2020 will forever be known as the year of the pandemic. But, long before any of us knew what Covid-19 was, we were already battling a pandemic: obesity, notably Type 2 diabetes and hypertension. When I saw the mortality rates coming out of Italy early, I knew we were in trouble here, largely due toContinue reading “The Pandemic Before The Pandemic”

How To Lose Body Fat As Fast As Possible

A lot of people want to lose body fat as fast as possible, and the question is always asked: How? The answer is simple. Don’t. You don’t want to lose body fat as fast as possible. For a visual, draw a straight line on a piece of paper. On the far left is losing fatContinue reading “How To Lose Body Fat As Fast As Possible”