Recipe: Weez Chili

This is a different version than a typical chili, using more vegetables and no beans. Instead, I use diced zucchini and sliced black olives. A healthy veggie filler and a healthy fat. This is actually my go-to balanced primal meal. It is a play off of Matt Chan’s Zone chili.

Cooked all in one pot.

I start by browning the burger, using 3 pounds here from the Enfield Packing Plant. Hey, if you live in Cow Country, go local.

While that browns, I dice the veggies: onion, pepper, zucchini. Add to pot once burger is browned. I do not use a broth or add water, so I don’t drain the burger. It makes for a fattier broth, which we are okay with.

I then add the olives (including juice) and tomatoes. 2 cans olives, one jar tomatoes per 3 pounds beef. “Olives, Weez? C’mon.” Yes, olives. Sarah can’t stand olives. She likes them in this however. Give it a try.

Cover and cook on low for 30 minutes, or until zucchini softens. I like to see how thick this cooks down to, using a thin jalapeno salsa to add more liquid if needed. That often depends on how greasy the burger was. Tonight’s pot I only used one can of salsa, but that can be adjusted to preference. I prefer thicker chili’s, but to each their own. I know this seems like an odd chili, but I actually won a chili cook-off with something very similar last year. Give it a try.

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