What Is Your Why?

Welcome to our new journey. We are glad to have you along. We think you will find it exciting.

Or at least, you should be excited in the early going. But, this is not a quick fix “lose 30 in 30” or something along those lines. That means that level of excitement will wane at times. One way to help counter that loss of excitement in what we are hoping to accomplish here is to start with your Why, right off the bat. Then, review it regularly.

You will have moments where you question if this is all worth it, moments where you doubt yourself. We are asking you to write a reminder to your future self as a little motivational reminder. We hope this will help you through the tough decisions, like “do I need that blizzard?”, and “who needs core strength anyway?”.

The Why helps you get through the How.

So, what is your Why? This can be as intensive as you want it to be. It just needs to be honest.

I have previously written one, but I’m also using this as an opportunity to review, so I’ll start.

· I want to look better naked. Let’s be honest. That motivates all of us. To deny this fact is futile.

· I want to be a role model for the next generation. I had a mentor who walked me through strength and fitness early in my life. I’ve had a few since. I want to pass that along to the next generation. I get that this speaks almost entirely to my ego, but there it is. And I know the more time under the bar, the more I learn. The more fit I look, the more likely people are to trust my opinion and advice. So, yeah, part of my Why is the ego of my Legacy. What am I leaving behind?

· This one is a bit more personal, and more in the moment. At 40 years old, I was battling blood sugar issues, and was basically pre-diabetic. I also had a serious gout attack, to the point where I was unable to do my very cushy job effectively. I know this combination was about to become both cumbersome to my life and to my wallet. So, lifestyle changes and diet changes needed to happen. I’ve moved back toward healthy standards, but I also know it doesn’t take much to slip. The best time to fix this was a long time ago. The next best time is today. So, this is Why I make the decisions I make today.

Now, go write your Why. Share if you want, or don’t. But if not, keep it somewhere you can review it. Be honest about your real reasons and go live your Why.

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