NSVs: Non-Scale Victories

When you start a fitness regiment, a lot of times people focus so much on their body’s appearance, weight, measurements, etc.  But that does not tell the whole story of how you feel overall.  Health and wellness is multiple things that form you.

I personally try to focus on “Non-Scale Victories” or “NSV”.  While we focus so much on the “have I lost weight” question, we forget about other aspects within our lives.

We are almost a month into MovelevATe, have you asked yourself any of the following:

How do I feel overall?

That back pain or hip pain that I have had for awhile, is it still there? has it improved?

How am I sleeping?

Can I keep up with my kids or grandkids better?

How am I dealing with stress?

Do I feel more energized to take on my day?

Sometimes we get so caught up in the outward appearance that we forget about the inside stuff too.

If you feel comfortable and have a NSV from the month of September, please share below!

My NSV I have noticed since increasing my walking regiment and doing MovelevATe is my low back/SI pain is almost nonexistent and man am I sleeping a lot better!!! I’m going to sleep and staying asleep.

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