Make life easier.


We are Brian and Sarah Turner, and this is MovelevATe. We offer fitness and athletic performance services with the goal to Make Your Life Easier, whether you are a casual person wanting to improve your health, or an athlete looking to take your game to the next level. We want to be the bridge to help guide you from where you are to where you want to be.

What We Offer

We offer live virtual classes and courses , as well as recorded videos, exercise demonstrations, recipes and general best practices for a long and healthy life. We focus on proper movement patterns, core stability and overall body strength. We believe exercise is a celebration of your body’s capabilities, not a form of punishment.

We are live classes three days a week, with two live classes to choose from each day utilizing Google Classroom.
Live Class Schedule
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
6 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. CST.

We also record each morning class for those who cannot make the live classes, or prefer to do it on their own. MovelevATe also provides a private Facebook group for daily movement “assignments”.

Because of the nature of virtual fitness classes, all of our workouts can be completed with minimal equipment, with a heavy focus on bodyweight movements. Dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, etc. are helpful, but not necessary to get started.

Our Vision

Our vision for MovelevATe is that through our workouts and personal coaching we make life a little easier to get around in, increase your strength and stamina and ultimately elevate your health.


Membership is $45 per month, to be paid the first week of each month.

Sample Workout

11/12/2020 Workout 

  1. Complete Dynamic Warm Up
    1. Knee Pulls
    2. Quadriceps Stretch
    3. Open the Gate
    4. Close the Gate
    5. Pretty Princesses
    6. Duck Walk
    7. Hip Flexor Stretch
    8. Kick out into Tipping Bird
    9. Floor Sweep
    10. 50 – High Knees/Marches
    11. 50 – Butt Kicks/Marches
  2. Core
    1. Pelvic Tilts with Glute Bridge – 5x20sec
      1. 1st Progression – hold the bridge
      2. 2nd Progression – marching
    2. Elbow Planks – 5x20sec
      1. 1st Progression – from the knees
      2. 2nd Progression – from the feet
  3. Balance
    1. Single Leg into Air Planes – 3×5 both sides 
  4. Skill Work
    1. SINGLE ARM Shoulder Press – 3×5 each arm 
      1. Focus on tight core and glutes
      2. Initiate movement at your shoulder and press your weight up
      3. Do not arch your back and throw your hips forward
      4. Lower slowly, do not shrug your shoulders
  5. Workout
    1. 21-15-9
      1. Air Squats
      2. Mountain Climbers
      3. DB Lateral Raises
  6. Cool-Down
    1. Stretch – 3x30sec
      1. Hamstrings
      2. Shoulder Towel Stretch
      3. Quadriceps Stretch 

Each workout includes video instruction.